Growing the Calendula Herb

Here are my best tips and things to know for growing your own Calendula.

1. Calendula likes full sun to partial shade.
2. Wait until danger of frost has past, so that your new emerging seedlings don't get frozen.
3. Lay seeds out where you want them to grow, then cover with 1/4 inch of fine soil and firm it lightly with your hand.
4. If you want earlier blossoms on your Calendula, you can sow the seeds indoors 6 weeks prior to your last possible frost date for your area.
5. It will take about 7-12 days for the seeds to sprout.
6. Place the plants about 8 inches apart.
7. They will grow to about 20 inches tall.
8. Calendula are annual
9. Save flowers at the end of the season, let them go to seed, and save the seeds for the next season. Cut the spent flowers, save in a brown paper bag.